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Today, more than 80% of all purchases start with search. And now, there's a professional-grade tool to help you optimize your site for top search engine rankings—so you can reach more customers, and increase sales and profits.

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Analyze, Strategize & Magnetize Your Web Site.

Dynamic Site, Social Media &
Search Engine Management

Your Web site must be fully optimized to compete in today's fast-changing market! Before you begin any online sales, marketing, advertising, or social media campaign, learn the best strategies and how to SEO your site for technical, social media and search optimization issues. Who is Optimize-My-Site for? Companies that have a website, SEO consultants, bloggers, social media agencies, website developers, work-from-home-freelancers, affiliate & PPC marketers—anyone who wants better web position and ranking.

Complete On Page Optimization

Is every page on your site optimized for Web site visitors and search engines? Capitalize on every opportunity to improve search optimization, attract more site visitors, increase sales and improve your social media ROI with onpage optimization. Optimize My Site allows you to do a website check or website test for on page optimization and total web SEO.

Monitor Your Internet
Presence & Social Signals

Social Media optimization is not limited to your home page or brand. Learn how to identify opportunities to promote every page on your site, maximize online exposure with social and business networks and improve your site's digital magnetism.

Make Dramatic
Performance Improvements

Discover problems that may prevent search engines from effectively crawling your site. Learn how to improve page load times by optimizing images. Provide search engines with the sitemap they need to find all your content. And make certain every page passes the W3C's HTML and CSS validation. It's also perfect for landing page optimization.

But Wait Until You See the
Amazing Reporting Features!

Create beautiful, custom web site optimization reports for your company or your clients—in just seconds! Brand the reports with your company logo...and a customizable cover page...with just a few mouse clicks. Saves countless hours of research, analysis and the time it takes to compile and generate reports.

Now, Perform the Same Analysis
on Your Competitor's Site

With Optimize My Site, you have the single most powerful competitive research and analysis tool available. In seconds, you can identify your competitor's keywords, as well as trending keywords. Find out what your competitors are doing with social media...and learn how you can outshine them.

Auto mechanics have diagnostic computers.
Doctors have the advantage of X-rays.
Get the analytical tools you need to
research, evaluate, report on,
and optimize your site.

Get More Out of Your Site, Social Media & Business Networking.

Learn how to get powerful research, analysis and reporting...with just a few clicks!

See How These Seven Everyday Heroes Do It


Saves Me Time. Big Time!

Alex - As a Project Manager at 6Kites, LLC, I am responsible for many clients...and many web sites! Optimize My Site saves me time in three important ways. First, I can monitor any site in real time. Second, I can generate custom reports ad nauseum. And third, I can easily perform frequent audits so our client's social media and search strategies stay on target.


I Can Offer More Services

Emerson - I'm no SEO expert, but as a web developer, I am responsible for ensuring sites Cygnusoft Inc. builds are optimized for search and social media. I can offer my clients services they might not otherwise be aware of, or have access to. Now, because their sites are SEO optimized, they perform better in the highly competitive Internet marketplace.


Easy Interactive Optimizing

James - It's my job As Vice President of Marketing for Cook's Saw Manufacturing to keep our most important keywords at the top of the rankings. Optimize-My-Site made it easy to see what we were doing —right and wrong— making the iterative process of site optimization fast and easy. It's totally interactive, so I see results instantly.




Better, Faster Consulting

Rob - Before Optimize My Site, I would spend countless hours researching a client site on all of the search engines...and with the advent of social media, that task got even more difficult. I can generate reports in minutes, rather than hours (or even days) and devote more time to consulting, rather than research & reporting.


Even I Can Figure This Out!

Craig - I run an on-line fishing tackle business...and have learned that the fishing industry is very competitive! While analyzing, I found a wide range of easy-to-fix problems. But I saw a 500% increase in traffic to my site in the first two weeks. I check out my competitors all the time, too.


Oversee Web Development

Colleen - When I wanted to optimize my website, keeping social media and search optimization at the forefront—to drive the most organic search traffic to our site was paramount. The real-time, interactive reporting let us work hand-in-hand with the web designer and keep our Internet marketing strategies on target.




Are You Today's Seventh Everyday Hero?

To find out, click on the Become a Hero Today button. Enter your company's —or your client's—home page web address, and in just seconds, you'll get an overview highlighting a variety of important site, social media and search engine optimization factors. Download or e-mail the PDF report, then show your boss, your web team, client or a prospective client. The included analysis will help you explain how the site can be optimized for better search engine results and social media reach—and you'll be today's newest hero!


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