The Story Behind

Optimize My Site

If the world isn't spinning fast enough...the world of search
engine optimization and social media certainly is. was created to automate the process
of managing search engine optimization projects, site
improvements and social media monitoring.

Now you have access to the same tools the Pros use!

We can't tell you how many times we've
heard clients and prospective clients ask:

Can you Optimize My Site?

Web site optimization is usually very interesting…and occasionally fascinating. It’s also tedious and time-consuming. Doing an initial site audit is absolutely necessary to get a baseline of a site’s overall performance and health. Site audits usually uncover a wide range of easily fixable problems. And once those changes have been made, it’s important to re-audit the site. This ensures that changes made meet or achieve the desired result (improved load time, better keyword density, etc.).

So the cycle begins again. Two problems arise. First, clients are reluctant to pay again for something they feel they already paid for. And second, the process of manually researching, analyzing and reporting is extremely time-consuming.

About five or six years ago, we began developing software designed to help us automate the process of the site audits we were performing for our clients. Over time, we were able to cut the process of performing a site audit down from hours (although this could realistically take several days) to just a matter of minutes. Yes. Really. Just minutes. Turns out, using computers to analyze computer-based websites is really efficient! Not only does this save massive amounts of time, which we can spend working with our clients, but we can perform audits more often. And, we can perform more of them, more easily, for an ever-growing list of clients.

With the advent of Social Media, the World Wide Web seems to be moving at an even faster clip. And integrating social media into the mix has become very important to many, if not most companies who have presence on the Web. So we've included some additional tracking and monitoring tools for the leading social media and business networks.

Now, the professional-grade tools we’ve been using in-house for years are available to SEOs, Web Site Owners, Consultants, Webmasters, Developers, Designers, Bloggers, or anyone who needs to optimize pages, track social and business networking or perform Web site audits.

Rob Decker is the architect behind Optimize My Site, a 25-plus-year veteran of the advertising, marketing, and public relations world. He has spent his career helping companies market their brands, products, and services. Now he’s turning his attention to helping others do the same, and in the process, save them substantial amounts of time, allowing them to be more productive and increase their own sales.

Rob got his start at Edelman Public Relations in Chicago. It was actually here that he learned some of the most important core fundamentals of marketing and public relations, those same tools and techniques we find ourselves using today on the Web. Rob also worked for Young & Rubicam Advertising, the American Dental Association, and Microsystem Technologies Corporation. But it wasn’t until he ventured out on his own that things got interesting.

One of his first clients was Rand McNally, who was looking to move from paper maps to digital software products. He was heavily involved in the design, development and marketing of their flagship software products TripMaker and StreetMaker.

He worked with the National Association of Realtors to improve their external marketing, developing newsletters and other communications programs to reach their nearly 1,000,000 members.

Rob helped launch one of the earliest mobile phone/smartphones on the market from NeoPoint, which was eventually purchased by Sprint.

He helped SPSS communicate with its customer base through newsletters and white papers and created a variety of new communications channels designed to both service customers and increase future sales. SPSS was recently purchased by IBM.

He designed, developed and marketed a computer-based point-of-sale training system for Ace Hardware, which ultimately saved them more than $1 million a year in outside training costs.

For Dell Computers, he created a wide-ranging series of interactive/multimedia presentations, which were delivered on CD and on the Internet.

The list goes on... But more importantly, as clients began to recognize the importance of the Internet, they turned their attention to optimizing every web page in order to improve organic search engine listings, drive more traffic to their site, capture prospect names, and increase sales.

Isn’t it time to make sure your site is optimized and competing at the highest level in the fast-changing Internet world?