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You can make tons of money earning high commissions with this easy-to-sell software. Why is it easy to sell? Because everyone who has a web site, works on a website, or works for a company that has a web site needs this product. And, with an astounding 800,000+ websites coming on line every day -- yes, every day -- the market has vast potential.

Optimize My Site is a unique research, analysis and reporting software application designed for the broadest range of Web site owners, developers, consultants and anyone who interacts with Web sites. It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for Web site optimization, search engine optimization, keyword research, content analysis, page rank and traffic analysis, social media monitoring, and website audits.

Optimize My Site is ideal for:

- Small Business Owners

- Bloggers

- SEO Company/Consultants

- Website Owners

- Webmasters

- Copywriters

- Work-From-Home Freelancers

- Affiliate / PPC Marketers

By recommending Optimize My Site to your list, followers, group, etc., you will earn between $35.00 and $315.00 for each sale. See the Affiliate Program Notes below for more details.



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Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Sales Price Fees Net Sale Commission  
$79.00 $7.00 $72.00 $36.00  
$99.00 $9.00 $90.00 $45.00  
$149.00 $13.00 $136.00 $67.00  
$199.00 $19.00 $180.00 $90.00  
$299.00 $29.00 $270.00 $135.00  
$399.00 $39.00 $360.00 $180.00  
$499.00 $49.00 $450.00 $225.00  
$699.00 $69.00 $630.00 $315.00  

I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. The average sales price is $302.75, making the average commission $136.25. If you have 100 customers or followers or readers who purchase, that would put $13,625.00 in your bank account -- next week! If 1,000 people purchased, that could mean an astounding $136,250.00.

Affiliate Program Notes

Signing up as an affiliate is free. Just sign up and we'll send you:

– An e-mail link with your Link ID already in place
– A plain text e-mail message with your Link ID embedded
– An HTML e-mail newsletter with built-in links
– A custom landing page just for your visitors, customers, and guests

Just send these out to your list, or group, or followers — and start taking advantage of these great benefits.

High Commissions

Optimize My Site prices range from $79 - $699, depending on current sales and offers. As partners, we feel that we should share equally in the profits. We subtract about 10% of every sale to cover PayPal, bank fees and handling charges. Then, the profit is split down the middle, so you stand to make huge amounts of money—roughly 45%—not just a measly 15% like some affiliate offers.

Weekly Payouts

Waiting for commissions is a pain. We process affiliate accounts once a week and cut checks or make electronic transfers on Monday mornings. We pay out 90% of your commissions, reserving 5% because we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee. The remaining 10%, less any returns, is distributed 30 days after the week in which it was reported. To date, we have fewer than 1% returns.

Link ID Codes that Never Expire

You can run any sort of campaign any time you like…and every sale with your link ID will be credited to your account. You may find that you want to provide different offers…or make offers to your list every month for a steady stream of income.

Customizable Messages for Your Audience

We realize that different approaches matter when you recommend our product to different types of prospects—developers, SEOs, Bloggers, digital agencies, etc. Our affiliate program allows you to change our suggested e-mail or newsletter content, to fit your visitor (just send it to us for approval, and we'll answer within one business day).

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

Stay in the know with our on line tracking tool. Check the status of your sales any time of the day or night, just by logging in and running a sales report. All the essentials—and more—in real time.

A Must-have Product that's Easy to Recommend

No other product in the Site, Social Media and SEO software market offers even half the benefits of Optimize My Site. If your visitors have their own website, work for a company that has one, or work on web sites for others, then this is a product they absolutely must buy!

Lots of Extras in Our Affiliate Package

Once you sign up, we'll send you our affiliate package, which includes a fully-customizable landing page, banner ads, buttons, graphics, screen shots, packaging and much more. We've already done the keyword research and we'll provide you with those keywords to help in your marketing efforts. A complete FAQ, pre-written articles and testimonials are also updated and revised frequently, giving you access to the latest information.


Earnings Disclaimer:
Any estimates of how much affiliates can make by promoting these products is just that - an estimate and not a guarantee.

Anti-Spam Policy: will not tolerate affiliates who promote our products through illegal or unethical techniques. ClickBank may terminate the affiliate account, and you will not be allowed to promote Optimize-My-Site products.

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