Professional Tools At Your Fingertips

Now you can effectively monitor, analyze, and manage all
of the content—as well as all of the behind the scenes information—to put your pages in the best position possible for competing in the high-stakes Internet market.

From the title, description and keywords, to a more in-depth look at content, social media reach and search engine optimization, you'll get custom, detailed analysis and recommendations — it's just like having your own SEO coach.

Content Analysis


Title Analysis

Competitive Title Discovery

Because every page title appears as the headline in search engine listings, optimizing them may be the most important on-page modification you can take advantage of. Titles appear in the browser, in bookmarks and other locations, proving opportunities for added exposure.

Description Analysis

The page description is very important to on-page optimization as well as search engine optimization. Your description is displayed in search engine results, and you'll learn how to maximize your description with your most important keywords for maximum impact.

Quickly see the titles of your top ten on line competitors. See what terms they use, how they use titles to their advantage, and learn how to improve your keywords and your content to extend your reach.

Competitive Description Discovery

Our competitive description discovery helps you identify and monitor keyword phrases, products and trends amongst your competitors. Learn how your competitors use page descriptions to their advantage and discover new ways to improve your own page descriptions.


Keyword Analysis

Competitive Keyword Discovery


Clearly shows which keywords are being used in the content, headings, anchor tags – and which ones aren't! Optimizing keywords and keyword densities can have a significant impact on search engine results.

Keyword discovery opportunities help you identify and optimize your web pages by using the on-page keyword analysis.


Content Analysis

Content Discovery


The Content Analyzer module provides a full report on readability, including reading ease and grade level statistics. In addition to providing an analysis of your own pages, you can use it analyze your competitors' sites and gain the advantage!

The Content Analyzer looks at the use of HTML headings, anchor tags and hyperlinks to make sure you are maximizing your optimization opportunities. See the most used words on each page, ALT tags, title tags, images and the content to code ratio.

Social Media

Social Media Tracking

Traffic Monitor

Track and report social network signals from Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube with social media metrics designed to make sure you keep your social media buzz going strong.

We'll keep an eye on your Alexa Traffic Rank, including your current rank, rank from three months ago, and whether traffic is trending up or down.


Link Popularity Checker

Tells how many backlinks to your site are known to search engines. The number of inbound links to your website is a major factor in successful search engine promotion and this tool analyzes these links. The module can also analyze your competitor's websites and search for potential link exchange resources.

Connections Analyzer

Make sure you connect with your visitors every way you can. In addition to social and business networks, you need to communicate through blogs, newsletters, sign-up forms, RSS feeds, e-mail and more. See how well-connected you are!



SERP Reporter

Authority Analyzer

With SERP Reporter, you can quickly see how many search engine results page listings there are for both the page currently being analyzed, and for the domain. Before being included in keyword-based search results, a web page needs to be indexed by the search engines. OMS reveals the pages of your site that have been indexed by various search engines.

The Authority Analyzer checks for the presence of the page in the DMOZ and Yahoo! Directories. Inclusion in these directories is important, since many smaller search engines use this information for their own search results.


Keyword Rank Checker

The Keyword Reporter shows you exactly where your keywords rank on Google and Bing/Yahoo!, as well as an average position.

HTML Validator

Does your page have errors or warnings? The HTML Validator checks with the W3C to find if there are any problems with the HTML code used to display your pages in a browser.

Site Analysis 




Domain Registration Information

Domain registration plays a part in search engine optimization. Search engines prefer sites that have both been around for a long time -- and whose expiration is far into the future. We'll also peer into your domain stats and make sure your domain isn't expiring soon.

Date Created, Domain Age & Expiration Date

See the date the domain was created, it's current age and the date the domain is currently set to expire. Domains should be registered for the longest period of time.

sitemap.xml Status

Does your site have a sitemap.xml file? And when was the last time your site was crawled by the search engines? Learn how this basic site optimization can be completed quickly and easily. Create a new sitemap right on the spot and submit it to the top five search engines automatically.

robots.txt Status

You can also create a robots.txt file for your web site to ensure that bots and spiders crawl your whole site. We also make sure that Analytics are in use so you can track those results as well.

Last Googlebot Visit


Keeping your content fresh is one way to make sure the search engines notice your site. But when was the last time those bots and spiders crawled your site?




Branded User Interface


Branded User Interface

Now you can actually brand the user interface with your company logo for a completely professional look. Working with clients in person or via web conferencing, you can always put your best foot—and image—forward.

Branded UI Thumbnail & Video




Branded Reports

Produce professional reports with your company's branding and images and impress your customers, prospects and your boss! A custom cover sheet option means you can include your logo, custom report titles, company name, web address, phone number and more.

Optimization Reports

There are a variety of reports that will make your life a breeze! Page Summary and Page Detail reports focus on each page of your site. And, you can include an Executive Summary, which provides additional insight into your pages and recommendations on how to improve them.

Competitive Reports

Our competitive reports will help you get a handle on what your competitors are up to. Check out the titles, descriptions and keywords they are using to get top spots in the search engine results.

Keyword Reports

The Keywords Recommendations report uses a combination of keywords on your site, on your competitor's site and alternative keywords that you can use to optimize your pages.

Branded Report

Critical & Important Action Items

Optimize-My-Site presents a ready-to-use list of tasks to be completed including Critical Action Items and Important Action Items. These tasks will guide you step-by-step through the optimization process. And, since this is dynamic, the action items change as you progress through your optimization. Optimization Overview