Optimize-My-Site: Premiere Version

The Premiere Version includes all the professional-grade tools you need to optimize your site for better search engine rankings and the most free traffic. It's perfect for small businesses who want to analyze & optimize their own sites—and perform competitive research.

The Premiere Version is also well-suited for developers, webmasters or small agencies who may need to research, analyze and/or report on a number of web sites—or who want to offer new services to customers.

With the Premiere Version, you can also brand your reports with your own logo, as well as creating a custom cover page for a professional look.

The software includes a lifetime license, meaning you never have to purchase monthly or annual subscriptions. And updates to the software are always free and automatic. You can always upgrade to gain additional features.

Optimize My Site is covered by an unconditional 30–day Money–Back Guarantee. If you think our software doesn't perform as expected, just contact our support team and receive a prompt and courteous refund.
No questions asked.

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Single User Branded Reports
Single User Lifetime License
Single User 30-Day Guarantee
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Branded Reports

Customize Reports with Your Company Logo

Produce high-quality branded Optimization, Competitive and Keyword reports with your company logo and CSS settings, so reports match your corporate colors. You can also create a custom cover page for your reports.

Critical/Important Action Reports

These task lists guide you step-by-step through the entire process. Since this list is dynamic, action items change as you work through your optimization efforts.

Optimization Reports

Page Reports focus on the current page, while Site Reports look at the overall site. Both provide detailed analysis and recommendations.

Competitive Reports

Get a handle on your competitors. Check out the titles, descriptions and keywords they are using to get top spots in the search engine results.

Keyword Reports

The Keywords Recommendations report uses a combination of keywords you can use to optimize your pages.

Analyze Page Titles, Tags, Keywords & Content


How do you know if your most important keyword is in the title? Page titles are extremely important and the easiest on-page optimization fix you can make.


Search engines display your page description in the search engine results...so every one has to be optimized to drive more traffic to your site.


Each page needs a clearly defined set of words, optimized for proper keyword densities, which can have a significant impact on search engine results.


How easy is it for visitors to read your pages? Are HTML headings, anchor tags and hyperlinks well-optimized? Are your images optimized for the Web?

Track Your Competition

Research Your Competitor's Page Titles

Quickly see the titles of your top ten on line competitors. Learn how to improve your keywords and your content to maximize exposure.

Analyze Their Descriptions

Identify, monitor and implement new optimization strategies and expand your web presence with this competitive description analysis feature.

Perform Competitive Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword discovery opportunities help you identify and optimize your web pages by using learning and understanding what keywords your competitors use, and why.

Monitor the Social Buzz

Traffic Monitor

Keep an eye on your Alexa Traffic Rank, including current rank, rank from three months ago, and whether traffic is trending up or down.

Link Popularity

How many backlinks to your site are known to search engines? They're a major factor in successful search engine promotion and this tool analyzes these links.

On-Page Connections

Make sure you connect with your visitors every way you can—social and business networks, blogs, newsletters, sign-up forms, RSS feeds, e-mail and more.

Optimize for Search

Authority Analyzer

Check the DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory listings, which are important, since many smaller search engines use this information for their own search results.

Keyword Rank Checker

Learn exactly where your keywords rank on Google and Bing/Yahoo! Identify opportunities to promote keywords and drive more free traffic to your site.

HTML Validator

Does your page have errors or warnings? The HTML Validator checks with the W3C to find if there are any problems with the HTML code.

Analyze Your Site for Improved Performance 



Domain Registration Information

Search engines prefer well-established sites whose expiration is far into the future. We'll peer into your domain stats and make sure your domain isn't expiring soon.

sitemap.xml Status

Does your site have a sitemap.xml file? And when was the last time your site was crawled by the search engines? Create and submit a sitemap right on the spot.

robots.txt Status

Create a robots.txt file to ensure bots and spiders crawl your whole site. We also make sure that Analytics are in use so you can track those results as well.

Last Googlebot Visit

Keeping your content fresh is one way to make sure the search engines notice your site. But when was the last time those bots and spiders crawled your site?