Project Manager for a Social Media Agency in Boulder, Colorado

Alex - Project Manager, 6Kites, LLC.

I am responsible for many clients...and many web sites! Optimize-My-Site saves me time in three important ways. First, I can monitor any site in real time. Second, I can generate custom reports ad nauseum. And third, I can easily perform frequent audits so our client's social media and search strategies stay on target. Optimize-My-Site saves me time—big time—by automating the tedious research, analysis, and reporting that's required for site audits, search engine optimization or overall site improvements. Now, I have all the tools I need right in one place.

Independednt Web Developer in Silicon Valley, California

Emerson - President, Cygnusoft, Inc.

I'm no SEO expert, that's for sure. But as a web developer, I am responsible for ensuring sites Cygnusoft, Inc., builds are fully-optimized for search and social media in addition to addressing site-wide issues. I can offer new services to my clients and increase revenues without having to find new customers. And, once their sites are optimized, they perform better so they can increase revenues in today's competitive Internet market.

VP of Marketing Manager for Cooks Saws in Newton, Alabama

James - Vice President, Cooks Saw Mfg.

Search is a huge part of our overall strategy and it's my job as Vice President of Marketing for Cook's Saw Manufacturing to keep our most important keywords at the top of the rankings. Optimize-My-Site made it easy to see what we were doing—right and wrong—making the iterative process of site optimization fast and easy. It's totally interactive, so I see results instantly.

I'm a Small Business Owner with a New Web Site

Craig, President, CR Specialties, LLC.

I run a on-line fishing tackle business...and have found that the fishing business is very competitive. While analyzing, I found a wide range of easy-to-fix problems. Once I made these corrections myself, I saw a 500% increase in traffic to my site in the first two weeks. I use it to check out my competitors all the time, too.

I Work From Home and Offer SEO and Site Audits

Kelley, Stay-At-Home Mom

Optimize-My-Site makes it easy for me to create detailed SEO and Site Audits for -- well, just about any company with a web site! What it really creates is a steady cash flow. Depending on the size of the company and/or site, I can charge betwen $500 and $3500. What's amazing, is how quickly Optimize-My-Site can create these detailed site audits -- and really, all I have to do is type in the domain name -- and Optimize-My-Site does the rest. What's amazing is how quickly Optimize-My-Site can create these detailed site audits. And really, all I have to do is type in the domain name and Optimize-My Site does the rest...I create a custom cover page, save it as a PDF, e-mail it to my client...along with an invoice. It takes me about 15 minutes!

I Own a Brick-n-Mortar Shop ... and Have an On Line Store Too

Randy - Owner - RL Airgun Supply

Running a store -- and an on line business -- can be very time consuming. The Internet is an important part of my business, but I don't want to spend any more time in front of a computer than I already have to.

So when the new version came out, I was quick to hop on board. Since we're contantly adding and changing pages, we use Optimize-My-Site to quickly ensure that our page titles, descriptions and keywords are perfect for every page.

I'm a Site, Social Media and SEO Consultant

Rob, Owner, X-Media, Inc.

Performing site analyses and audits are really important for companies that want to compete on the Web. It's also a continual process of optimizing pages, extending your social media reach, and ensuring that every element on every page of a web site is fully optimized. That's a lot of work. And that's why we use I can create custom page and site audits for my clients in just minutes, which opens doors for doing so much more than crunching numbers.

I'm an Affiliate Marketer Who Only Sells Online

Phil - Internet / Affiliate Marketer

We create special landing pages for offers we want to promote, and it's very important that these landing pages are well-optimized. Now, we can quickly make sure that Titles, Descriptions, Keyword Densities, Links and other page elements help position the page to reach the greatest number of people searching for the products we're offering.