Why Should You Optimize Your Site?

U.S. online retail is expected to be $330 billion ($635 billion, globally) by the end of 2012. Capture your share of the market with Optimize-My-Site.

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74% conduct online research before making a purchasing decision 92% of affluent consumers use the Internet to purchase products 89% of consumers used Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions

Manage, Monitor, Optimize & Improve Your Web Site.

Real-Time Research

When it comes to site, social media and search engine optimization research, only Optimize My Site offers software that's amazingly simple to use, yet powerful enough to provide the results you need. With real-time research, you can instantly identify new opportunities for search engine optimization with improvements to the page title, meta tags, and content. Track your brand, industry and your competition across social media and the web.

Dynamic Analysis & Recommendations

Optimize-My-Site.com provides detailed site analysis for every page, and provides actionable recommendations for web site optimization, which you or your developer can address. Understand where problems exist and get clear instructions on what to fix to see immediate results. Make the recommended improvements and watch your rankings soar.

Save Time, BIG TIME

Save precious time by automating your tedious research, analysis, and reporting. You won't ever need to go searching for any other tools. Right now you can get your hands on the most complete set of professional SEO tools to achieve and maintain top traffic–generating positions in any search engine.

Optimize-My-Site Works with:
– Any Browser!
– Any Operating System!
– Any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone in the World!

Powerful, Customizable Reporting

Measure your efforts and deliver beautiful detailed reports to your organization or customers. OMS provides unparalleled reporting and analysis that would cost hundreds, if not thousands, and take hours if not days to complete. Analyze your site, or a client site, using our robust research and analysis tools. Work with the on-screen reporting, Critical & Important Action Item reports, or generate a wide variety of optimization and competitive PDF reports. Site & Social/Business Networking Audits can be a very time-consuming activity. Now you can create reports – literally in seconds – and share with your team. Report on your competition's site, social media and search engine optimization and refine your own on line strategies.

Continual Improvement

Optimize My Site was designed and developed by a 25-year veteran of the sales, marketing, advertising and the Internet world. From Fortune 500 to small business, Optimize-My-Site.com has helped companies improve their search engine rankings in order to drive more traffic to their sites and increase sales. We keep track of key metrics and are committed to improving Optimize-My-Site.com with new features and functionality — so you get the latest industry-leading Site, Social Media & SEO technology. We don't require you to pay every month or renew every year, so all software updates are provided free of charge. And, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, or you don't feel the program works as advertised, just contact us and we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked!

Make Big Money as an SEO Auditor

Learn how to get powerful research, analysis and reporting...in just seconds!

SEO companies, Agencies and Consultants often charge $500 – and as much as $5,000 – for just one SEO Web site audit report with raw data and minimal practical advice. Getting a baseline is a great start. But that's where the real work beings. Performing site audits can create new opportunities for design, development or working to optimize a site's pages.

But now, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get expert SEO advice. Armed with professional site, social media and search engine optimization tools, it's clear how much money you could make — from just a few web sites!

All Optimize My Site reports are fully customizable. Pro version owners can brand reports with a company logo or change color schemes to match your company graphic standards. Add a fully customized cover sheet to your reports and, in just minutes, you can create a professional SEO Site Audit.

And if you already provide SEO services, you will turn client reporting into a mouse-click job, saving tons of time, so you can actually work with clients and projects. Overwhelm your prospects with personalized optimization reports and turn them in to long-term clients.

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